i will be your light (topsyturvytown) wrote in radioheadlolz,
i will be your light

i bet they just throw themselves at you

if for some stupid reason you haven't heard this yet (shame on you),

burial, four tet, and thom yorke - ego / mirror
thanks to threefourtime for vinyl rip links!

Tags: a brand new goddamned song, artistic brilliance, ayeee papiii, best thing ever, bleed through your ass!, burial! four tet! holy fuck!, crossover omg, do a flip thom!, do it fgt, fuck yeah thom yorke, get your grover on, go go thomzilla, homg, i am dying, i just can't handle it!, i'm with tom yorke, immerse your soul in love, it's getting hot in here, it's really dope, jesus fucking christ on a banana boat, jizzing in the pants, like a muppet on acid, members x-clusive, mindfuck, oh my god, oh thomly, omg, put a bangin donk on it, resurrecting the comm, shaking and crying, shut the fuck up dj, so take off all your clothes, t-homo, take it off, tchocky, the church of thom yorke, theckthy, this community is dead lol, this made my day, this should be regarded as porn, thom, thom is an angel, thom looks hot, thom time, thom yorke approves of this post, thom yorke freakout dance, thom yorke is a sexi boii, thom yorke is an idm maniac, thombola, thomophobia, thomosexual, thomu yorke, what is love baby don't hurt me no more, yes yes yes!
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