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hey, have y'all heard about this 01 and 10 theory (or the binary theory or the tenspiracy) that's been floating around for a while? basically there's some theory that ok computer and in rainbows are complementary and that you can make a playlist out of the two albums that flows perfectly. and of course there's a whole theory that radiohead did this on purpose and that there are clues in the names of the albums and blog posts and shit.

what are your thoughts? did you know about this? have you tried the playlist? do you think that radiohead/thom did this on purpose? what about this source that claims that thom was annoyed that nobody realized it sooner? bullshit? plausible? definite?

i have been listening to it today, mostly to distract myself from waiting for the king of limbs. i don't really hear any kind of extreme similarity that makes the theory seem obvious, but the albums do progress in similar ways and have a lot in common. which i kind of just figured was the fact that it's all radiohead so of course it sounds similar.

anyway sorry that this is a block of text and not very lolz! just trying to keep myself from going insane waiting for saturday! oh also feel free to use this post to share your thoughts on other radiohead conspiracies like kid 17 or w/e!
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so as none of you might recall, there was a bit of a guessing-game contest for the announcement of the new album and tour. of course the tour hasn't been announced yet but the album has, which means that someone was closest to guessing the date and will win a prize!

the winner is...

she guessed 2/1 for the album announcement and was closest! if you see this, comment and let me know what you want for a prize. you can request anything - a story, art, a gif, an upload - and i will attempt to make it quality for you!

now, the guessing game still continues. feel free to pick a date for the announcement of a tour. if you're within a 3-day before or after window, you get a really cool physical radiohead prize, straight to your doorstep! if nobody is in this window, whoever is closest will get some kind of digital prize from me, or maybe that physical prize if i am feeling generous, lol.


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lol this place is so dead i think everyone who likes radiohead is on tumblr now

speaking of which, that's where i found this thing

lol why doesn't vimeo work on lj i wonder why nobody uses lj anymore

also this which won't embed

Radiohead Christmas Song Titles

Members of the At Ease Radiohead forum altered some of the band’s song titles to relate them to the Christmas season. I’m dying! Here are the hilarious results:

Thinking About Yule
Everything In Its Right Stocking
How to Eat a Turkey Completely
Fake Plastic Christmas Trees
Fatter. Happier.
All I Eat
I Will (Snowman’s land)
The Present Tinsel
Snow Surprises

Stop Shivering
I Can’t (Get Enough Eggnog!)

Planet Xmas
Fake Plastic Trees, With Tinsel on Them.
Ice Dream
Black Star of wonder, star of night
Christmas Spirit (Sled Out)

Kid J (…for Jesus)
The National Antler
How To (make all this food) Disappear Completely (without getting fat)
Morning Sleighbell

Wrapped like Presents in A Crushed Shoebox.
I Might Be Santa
Bunting Bears
Like Empty Plates

Deer Deer
I Chill
A Drunken Relative at a Christmas Party
An Elf at the Door

In Chrimbo
Weird Turkeys
All I Need for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth
Frost Arp
House of Christmas Cards
Santa Falling Into Fireplace

How I Sleighed My Minions
Where Reindeer Fly
Up on the Ladder (Putting up Decorations)
Inside My Sled
How Can You Be Sure There’s a Santa Claus?
Meeting in the Toy Aisle
Go Snowly
You Never Wash Up After Your Elf
The Drunkkk Machine (Too Much Eggnog)

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so people (especially me) are currently flipping out over a new interview with jonny in some italian magazine in which he divulges some details on the progress of the new album and tour. which is SO AWESOME. except it's all in italian. so basically all you need to know is


next year. also, jonny is not heavily involved with the "serious" part of the album because he is "l’irritante bambino". which is my new favorite phrase.

and, most importantly, this is what the italian fans are discussing, according to google translate:

broke cock
broke cock
broke cock